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A mobile solution that helps you perform on the go, identifier validation, verification and look up across different identifiers issued by governments, institutions and private organizations across Africa.

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Once you download and install the App; you setup by selecting your country profile. This would allow you view all the id issuing authorities in that country and you are then able to verify in accordance with the specified workflow!


The VerifyID Mobile App can be downloaded in the Apple and Android stores. It is free to download and register! Click a button below to download



We figured that different issuing authorities provide different mechanisms for verifying and validating their identifiers. We figured different products offer mechanisms such as scratch pads and sms or USSD based expiry verification.

Benefits to ID Issuing Authority


  • Can earn revenue with their IDs
  • Would become known and trusted by users
  • Allows self-verification by ID owner
  • Can utilize App as a VAS solution to users
  • Participates in the global fight against ID forgery and fake or substituted IDs


Benefits to Consumer

  • Enjoys a harmonized identity verification across Africa
  • Trusts and uses one Application for ID validation/verification
  • Consumers can now enjoy due diligence without red tape
  • Can verify easily the expiry of IDs (Products; documents; etc)


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Demo Video

VerifyID harmonizes identity verification in a consumer driven model. Click the button above to watch the VerifyID Product Video.

Frequently Asked Questions


Simply search for Verify ID on Google Play Store or click on the link below to download now. The application is coming soon to iOS.

You need to download and install the VerifyID Mobile Application. No Additional Application is required.

This app has been developed for use by everyone. From Individuals who need to verify an Idenity to Businesses and Government Agencies. No one is left out.

Absolutely! The information received and display on the app is being retrieved directly from the database of the Issuing Authority

We will make this information available on the VerifyID website.


VerifyID accepts all Debit Cards issued by any bank in Africa. If you are a large business and will be making payments in large volume, kindly contact us for alternative means.

You need an internet enabled device.

You need to fill a form to make your ID available on VerifyID.

- Transaction ID
- ID Name (IN)
- Message Body (MB)
- Date of Request
- Issuing Organization (IO)
- Date of Response
- Valid Though (VT)
- Amount (optional)

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